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Engravity introduces the Performance line

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Pubished on 4 february 2006

The Engravity Team is proud to anounce the release of the Performance line. New panels, new design, new materials, more detail and most important, full size scale.


The Performance line is a big step forward towards the ultimate in realisme and is designed for the serious cockpit builder. Because of the very detailled and full size scale design, this line is also very suitable to be used in training setups.


We have spent dozens of hours in real NG cockpits over the past five months, collecting lots of information which has been used in our design.


All panels in the performance line are based on a 100% size scale. Much detail has been added, like curved edges on the panels,  countersunk screws in the backpanels and accurate lettering on all the toppanels.


All backpanels are made of aluminium.


The latest in Laser- and CNC technology has been used to create this realisme.



  • aluminium backplates
  • fully painted panels
  • full set of annunciators
  • detailled window frames with smoke grey glass
  • all panels are backlightable
  • ready to be used with instruments from Flight Illusion
  • aluminium protection cover on landing gear panel
  • screws, rings and  a set of decals included


Price;  euro 587,39 (excl. VAT)


Soon to be available;


full size aluminium NG stand, including CDU bay


complete 'subpanels'  for captains - and F/O side with aluminium bracket


full size very accurate complete glareshield


perfomance line pedestal panels


( prices to be announced)


Information on the performance line is available in our download section.


737NG MIP panels





performance Desktop MIP

Performance line AFTER overhead

Performance line FWD overhead

Performance line landing gear lever

Performance line Pedestal

Single Seat Trainer (KIT version)

Single Seat Trainer (pre build)

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