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Engravity to team up with PMDG

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Pubished on 19 november 2005

Engravity and Precision Manuals Development Group are collaborating to enhance realism for the serious Flight Simmer.


Engravity, a manufacturer of high quality FMC/CDU hardware components for flight simulator users will shortly offer a 747-400 CDU model alongside the already successful 737CDU released during Summer, 2005.


Working in concert with Engravity, PMDG, the recognized and award winning airliner simulation developers are producing the software interface that will make Engravity’s CDU’s compatible with a broad range of PMDG products.  Using a simple software interface, owners of the PMDG 737-600/700, PMDG 737-800/900, PMDG 747-400 and upcoming PMDG 747-400F will be able to plug a fully compatible Engravity CDU into their flight simulation setup for a highly realistic airliner operating experience!


Engravity CDUs are high quality, life like replicas of airliner CDUs that connect to the flight simulator PC by means of a single USB lead.  No additional TV-Out or VGA output required! In order to achieve compatibility with a PMDG product line, Engravity customers will be able to purchase a self-installing specialized software driver interface from the PMDG ( for a small additional cost.  After a simple installation, Engravity and PMDG customers will be able to experience the marriage of these two well respected and realistic product lines!


The Engravity CDU represents a highly realistic replica of the CDU as used in the 737NG and 747-400 series airplanes produced by The Boeing Company.  Modeled in precise size and scale, data is displayed on the CDU using a high-resolution, industrial-grade TFT screen.


Some key features:


  • Hi resolution industrial grade TFT screen.
  • Back-lit rubber keys.
  • Brightness control for both keys and screen.
  • Fully driven by USB, no need for TV-out or VGA-out connectors.
  • Modeled in the exact size of the real aircraft CDU
  • Fully programmable through its own programming Software Development Kit.
  • Fully upgradeable firmware, for future enhancements
  • Entirely Plug-and-play, no need to write software of any kind.
  • Built in a compact, slim-line case, with no additional building work required.


The PMDG Engravity CDU software interface is an add-on module that will be available for sale separately at the Precision Manuals Development Group web site.  Each module will provide interface to one airplane product series from PMDG.  (737NG series or 747-400 series) and allow the Engravity CDU to interface fully with the PMDG airliner simulation software.  Easily installable and fully customizable, the interface modules allow connectivity to any virtual COM port required by the hardware CDU USB connection, at a quick 38400bps speed.  With no noticeable frame rate drop, the PMDG CDU interface allows full compatibility with the Engravity CDU, providing full control of each aircraft’s Flight Management Computer, eliminating the need of an on-screen CDU and providing a much more advanced user Flight Simming Experience.


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