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Welcome to flyengravity.com!



 July 2015


We are proud to announce the release of the new CDU.  More realistic, more detail, ethernet and digital controlled color display. Read more here





September 2014




MIP Pro package deal includes full MIP stand, MIP pro panels, Glare shield pro and lots more. Read here all about the contents



July 2014


July Summer Sale


Glarewing set new edition. Normal price 319,- only in July/August and September


Glarewings have pre cut holes for master caution and fire switch and sixpack.



April 2013


NEW AFDS modules available


The new AFDS modules are in stock again.

two versions are available:

The AFD1075 AFDS circuit board, which can be used for building into the MIP desktop panel kits and MIP pro and the AFD1080 complete AFDS module including backplate and front panel.





February 2012


New CDU firmware available for Ifly users.



Good news for iFly users. Our CDU is now ready to be used with iFly 737.


A firmware upgrade is available in our download section. PLease log in first.

download the ZIP file and read the upgrade procedure manual.




This firmware upgrade only needs to be performed for use with iFly.





October 2010



Flyengravity has delivered their first 6-DOF flightsimulator to our customer in lelystad.

Visit simsensation for more information.


Visitors of the FS weekend can take a look at this wonderfull machine which is located just outside the museum at the airport.


Take a look at the promo.





June 2009

Now available the new AFDS module for the MIP desktop and MIP Pro



Engravity proudly present the new AFDS module (AFD1075). This industrial quality circuit board can be used for the MIP desktop series and the MIP pro. The AFDS has dual led pushbuttons, a test toggle switch and SMD leds for frontpanel backlighting.

Screw terminals on the back allow easy connection to your interface board




June 2009

Introducing the new performance line SIXPACK recall annunciators



Engravity proudly introduces the 737NG sixpack recall annunciators.

Made out of aluminium and performed with high bright leds and recall function.


The SIXPACK comes standard with a mounting bracket and a 1.5 meter ribbon cable.


Available now in two version;

MSP250 for Captain side
MSP260 for F/O side


January 2009


Introducing the NEW Performance line MIP desktop panel kits 




Engravity proudly presents the Performance line DESKTOP MIP.  The new 100% size scale Desktop MIP is part of our performance line range and highly detailed. By combining our PRO-version and regular performance line mip, we have created an ultra realistic desktop version of the well known 737NG.


Some key features;


  • complete aluminium base structure
  • 5 mm high quality top panels with curved edges
  • PRO line Glare wings included
  • Aluminium windowframes with smoke grey filters
  • injection molded annunciators
  • 100% size scale
  • available as three modules ( captain, center and F/O module)
  • easy assembly
  • compatible with CP-flight  MCP and EFIS modules and Flight illusion gauges


The Performance line Desktop MIP is available in three modules, a captain side, center section and first officer module.


The Desktop MIP can be upgraded with our EPB- backlight panels which are used in our PRO-version.



prices; (excl. VAT)


Captain panel kit       469,-

Center panel kit        429,-

F/O panel kit             469,-


Manuals are available in our download section  






Engravity introduces the Performance line Pedestal bay


The pedestal is a full size replica of the original and is made of aluminium. All parts are powder coated and includes three easy mounting rails, protection cover for circuit brakers and XLR and headphone connectors.





Introducing the full size scale MCP_Pro and A320 FCU/EFIS


Over the last year, Engravity and CP-flight have joined forces in developping the new 737NG MCP-Pro and A320 FCU/EFIS modules.

Both models have been introduced during the FS-weekend in Lelystad.


Features of both models can be found in our builders section on the forum.


Release is scheduled for December 2007







december 2006


now available 737NG style set of glare wings




special molded dual layered glare wings with textured front.


The same glare wings that are used for the PRO line. The package consists of both the captain and first officer wings.


Take a look here for more info



november 2006


Engravity proudly presents the MIP performance line PRO. Completly build MIP with full glareshield, powdercoated aluminium stand and backlighted panels.


The perfect solution for training and the builder who aims for the ultimate in realism.



Some features:


  • aluminium stand, powder coated for high quality finish
  • full size special designed glareshield
  • injection molded annunciator holders with special diffuser and laserengraved legends
  • AFDS PCB with all electronics installed, test function, two coloured pushbutton with laserengraved legends and backlighting. Functional test switch.
  • backlighted panels using EPB (easy panel backlighting) Dimmable from 100% to 0%, with the backlighting master module.
  • panels can be individually dimmed or by group
  • new LED powered master en fire switches
  • CDU bay with full working CDU's and lower EICAS display
  • Heavy duty landing gear level.




July 2006


Engravity introduces the 737 landing gear lever.


Heavy duty design, adjustable pressure, highly detailed and full aluminium



The landing gear lever fits both performance line panels as well as the classic desktop panels.






performance Desktop MIP

Performance line AFTER overhead

Performance line FWD overhead

Performance line landing gear lever

Performance line MIP panels

Performance line Pedestal